Why Is My Transcript Delayed?



September 26, 2022

Our Transcription service is human transcription

Each transcript is worked on by one of our transcription team members. For an additional $1.25 per audio minute, we can expedite the transcript to get it back to you up to 5x faster while still maintaining our 99% accuracy guarantee. You can place a human transcription order here.

Our Automated Transcription is a machine-generated transcript created with our industry-leading speech recognition technology. The accuracy of our speech algorithm is directly related to the quality of the audio file input. Background noise, volume differences between speakers, accents, etc. will all bring down the output quality quickly. An Automated Transcript should be considered a first pass draft and works best with very clear audio. An additional benefit of Automated Transcription is that you can download your file in .srt and .vtt caption formats. You can place a machine-generated Automated Transcription order here.

So which service do you need?

For a high-quality transcript, or for less clear audio files, we would suggest Transcription, our human transcription service. A human transcriptionist is more able to handle the many nuances of speech than current speech recognition technology, and for this reason, human transcription is a better fit in some cases.

If your primary concern is getting the file back quickly and accuracy is secondary, or if you’re looking to keep costs low and don’t mind editing the final file, our Automated Transcription service is a great option.

Share your work!

Click the ‘Share’ icon to create a link you can share via Slack, Email or any other channel. In many platforms, a preview of the transcript and a thumbnail of the video will be displayed.

Viewers who click your link will see your story on a page like this.

To download your work, click the ‘Export’ icon to download the video, audio, subtitles or a transcript file with just the parts you’ve included in your reel. Reels can also be exported directly to Final Cut Pro, or to Adobe Premiere via our plug-in.

There’s plenty more, but we hope that gives you enough to get going, and a solid foundation.

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